Omega 3 Power Gift - Roasted Walnut Oil & Berry Cranberry Balsamic

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A healthy and flavor connoisseur’s dream pairing of our popular Walnut oil, (get 100% Omega 3's in just one TBSP; it takes 50 lbs of walnuts to make a gallon!), and our Berry Cranberry Dark Balsamic vinegar, infused with antioxidant fresh California blackberries and cranberries. Regular price, $46, if you buy these items individually. What a great deal, straight from the farm, $40 for the duo.


400 degree smoke point for stir fry, saute, great for salad dressings, marinades, aioli, even desserts!


  • Includes Berry Cranberry Dark balsamic vinegar (250 ml) and Roasted Walnut oil (250 ml)
  • Balsamics have no added sugars, no added flavorings, no fat. Ever
  • Our labels are marked with sugar content; even our sweetest vinegars have only 4 grams of sugar

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