Frozen-meat marinade

The magic ratio for meat marinade: 2:1, vinegar to olive oil.

Add sea salt to marinade, generously.

Remove frozen meat from its packaging; run cold water over it to peel away any remaining paper or plastic.

Put meat in Ziploc with marinade; you may have to tear it apart or use more than one Ziploc.

Refrigerate, square side down to allow the marinade to soak into all the meat. Do not stand. 

Add a sprig of rosemary, tarragon, oregano or other fresh herb to the top of each serving of meat. If you like garlic, add a minced clove.

Go to work

If you had a crappy day and don't feel like cooking, the marinade will hold the meat until the next day.

(Seafood marinades are best made with olive oil, spices and fresh herbs only. Vinegar will cook the fish.)

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