CA Estate Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CA Estate Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Fruity wonderment pours from this flavorful EVOO hand harvested in Paso Robles, California. It's year-round sunny California flavor in a bottle.  Super fresh with a mild, grassy finish, this is a special Arbequina not to be compared with other ones, especially store-bought! We'll hold our Arbequina up to every other California supermarket Arbequina--try it for yourself. We guarantee you'll love it best. Better Homes and Gardens loved this oil enough to feature it in their 8-page article on our family business...everybody loves this one!!!


The exact right oil needed for baking desserts (cookies and cakes!) as well as phylo recipes, like Spanakopita. And if you like grilled fruits, this is your oil. An everyday favorite & pantry essential!


  • Extra-virgin olive oil, first cold pressing
  • 375ml 
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