Party Size Cocktail Set

Party Size Cocktail Set

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Sugary shrubs no more! Our balsamics make the best "acid" element to balance your mixology skills. We've got you covered with a cocktail recipe on each of our vinegars, then you go from there! In this case, our Super-sized Strawberry Zen & Fig Balsamics come wiith a 4 oz pouch of Holiday Hug Rub. A famous cocktail recipe is on EACH of our Balsamic Vinegar labels. Here are a few more ideas...remember, liquor tastes best with ACIDITY (think lemon & orange wedges) NOT SUGAR! And...if you DO have leftovers after the party, there's a recipe on the label for a protein dish too! Priced individually, these 2 supersized vinegars alone, at $39 ea, would be $78. The Holiday Hug Rub is $15 which would make the trio $93. We want your party to be a huge success; get the trio now for $75! Each bottle makes 48 drinks using 1 TBSP each OR 24 1 oz ice cubes. 

You get: One 750ml bottle each Strawberry Zen Golden Balsamic, Fig Fantastic Dark Balsamic, 4 oz pouch Holiday Hug Rub

IDEA #!: Make ice cubes with the balsamics, add your favorite liquor--gin or vodka with the Strawberry Zen, bourbon or rye whiskey with the Fig Balsamic. SERIOUSLY FANTASTIC!

IDEA #2: Rub the rim with a wet (clean please!) finger, then rim the glass with Holiday Hug Rub by dusting a dish with the Rub, big enough to cover the entire rim of the glass

IDEA #3: Beer Cocktails become magical with a tablespoon of Strawberry Zen Balsamic, topped off with sliced strawberries. Our Fig Dark Balsamic already includes a Beer Cocktail Recipe--think ginger, then read the label! 

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