Golden & Dark Balsamics

All our natural fruit-infused vinegars are made from fresh California fruits (except for the mangoes, which are from Mexico). Our proprietary process adds no sugars but packs the flavor. They can be used a substitute for butter or oil in cooking; try it! Just pour about 1/4" in a skillet, more if you're using a wok...the vinegar will thicken and create a delicious glaze as you're cooking. Want recipes? They are directly on ALL of our balsamic vinegar bottle labels! AND you get a cocktail recipe too. Mango Mania Margarita? Calitini? Fig Ginger Brew? Berry Negroni? Keep your local mixologist happy... and, look mom, no sugar!




Best use


Chardonnay Great on salads, ceviches & marinating raw vegetables, cocktails! Perfect replacement for lemon in recipes, steamed and oven roasted veggies & meats. Super lo-cal & fat free too. 


Rhone & other reds

Great for reductions and braising (reduces faster than Golden). Perfect for dipping, marinades (2 tbsp vinegar to 1 EVOO), super lo-cal & fat free. 


For avid cooks and the vinegar obsessed, we carry Global Gardens' balsamics in one-gallon bottle ($99). These are special order and take a week to deliver. Please email us for information or make a note in your shopping cart in the "additional comments" field.