Seasonal Caliterranean Club

Just pop the Quarterly Caliterranean Club in your cart, pay for two seasons and you're done!

What's in it for you

You'll receive a box of goodies seasonally appropriate so you can make great salads, stir-fry, pickles, apps and stews. 

  • First tastes of our olive oils straight from pressing
  • Exclusive, rare bottles brought back from tasting trips to Greece
  • Healthier home meals, with tips on how to cook with oil and natural vinegars
  • A taste of California. Our vinegars use all California fresh fruits. No sugars added 
  • Delicious items to fill your pantry and make easy appetizers for informal gatherings 
  • The inside scoop on the versatility of vinegars 
  • What's included

    A bottle of EVOO, first cold pressing; a bottle of GG's signature fruit vinegar (different fruit used in different seasons); and a Theo-made pantry item, like a pomegranate glaze or chipotle mustard

    How you'll save

  • Shipping is free on all purchases over $50* (excluding shipping charges on the club)
  • 20% off in-store food items   
  • 10% off at the Caliterranean café  New!
  • 10% off non-food purchases made in the store  
  • Invitations to special events and cooking classes, Plus 10% off these events

    *This benefit excludes international members or those in Alaska and Hawaii. 

    Cost: $49 + shipping
    (We guarantee there is at least $66 of merchandise in your box)

    Already a Club member but need to update your information? We have a secure online form that you can use! Just click this link and you will be taken to our Global Gardens Club website where you can submit your updates. 

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