BEST Pomegranate Glaze EVER!

BEST Pomegranate Glaze EVER!

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It's back! All fresh and made with California organic ingredients--and GLUTEN FREE TOO! Organic Tamari vs traditional soy sauce keeps this way high in Asian/Californian fusion flavor--a perfect BBQ, stir fry or even oven roasting glaze (this salmon!) We always put recipes and suggested uses on our Farm Stand labels. Buy two NOW! WE don't always have this customer favorite in stock. You can make several family-sized meals with this flavorful pantry item. Keeps for 6-8 weeks in the fridge after opening! Our price has gone up because the price of organic Tamari and fresh Pomegranate juice has gone through the moon and back...but several meals can be enjoyed with just one jar so...you're worth it!
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