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Yes!  Our Balsamics have no added sugar (only natural sugar in the fruit), are Keto and Whole 30 friendly at about 20 calories per tablespoon.  Put a splash in your water bottle instead of lemon, make mocktails or cocktails (recipes are right on the labels!), sprinkle on seafood or meats--acidity is the most misunderstood ingredient in the kitchen.  Oh, of course, you can make salads awesome too--no need for oil even!  We'll share recipes on our blog to cook 100% with just vinegar too.

Your club subscription includes:

  • Every 6 months, in June and December,  two 375ml bottle of in-season Golden Balsamics and two in-season Dark Balsamics, 4 bottles total!
  • A 20% discount (25% during November and December) from our website and Santa Ynez Provisions Store.
  • Invitations to complimentary Clubbie-only events.  Discounts on cooking classes and guided international trips.
  • ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING to any address in the USA for the lifetime of your subscription - Think family, friends and corporate gifting!

The details:

  • $79 every six months charged to your card on the 21st of the month prior.
  • One year minimum commitment.
  • Your club will be ready for pickup on  the 1st of June and December. Don't worry, sometimes customers pick up a year's worth at a time! We'll have them in store for you.

Questions?  Email us 24/7:

We'll respond within 24 hours.

We olive YOU and look forward to supplying your taste buds with our best
Olive Oil Sommelier-approved EVOOs and Balsamic Vinegars!


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