Theo's Cookbook: Olive Oil And Vinegar For Life

Theo's Cookbook: Olive Oil And Vinegar For Life

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All New Paperback Version released June 2016! 70% of EVOOs at the store are Fake; ours aren't! Read this book and become an expert!


  1. Learn how olives are harvested and how terroir affects the flavors, just like wine!
  2. Learn different olive varietals & why Theo likes some better for salads & baking vs cooking & frying 
  3. Learn how to store EVOO properly. (It's not like wine. It doesn't get better over time!)
  4. Learn how vinegars are made and how they can be a healthy secret weapon when preparing meals and cocktails!  

Then put it all into practice with over 100 easy cooking and baking recipes. We even throw in a few pet treats and campsite recipes. Theo also introduces you to her self-conceived (in the shower!) Caliterranean® lifestyle, a way of life that captures all that's great about living in California--from meditation, eating healthfully & beautifully, to respecting and enjoying our natural environment.



    • More than 200 full-color photos
    • over 200 pages of full color stories, original recipes, including appetizers, mains and desserts
    •  8"x10" beautiful high-quality keepsake paperback book, printed on deluxe paper
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