Primero Olio Nuovo

Primero Olio Nuovo

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Folks, this is a highly sought after bottle. Rarely is Olio Nuovo available. Our harvest this year, 2017 is SUPER LATE--and we've done the quick bottling of our rarest, grassy, Italian varietal blend  nuovo in a very small batch, so buy it now while we have it! Please note, this year's NUOVO is bottled in a smaller, 250ml size, but it's in a gorgeous, Italian long-neck gift bottle, perfect for you and any discriminating chef!

Why is OLIO NUOVO so rare? Typically, the fresh oil coming off the press is way too peppery and spicy on the back of the palate. Because of this, we let the fruit settle in the barrels for 3-4 months prior to bottling. But once in a blue moon something magical happens. 

There are three distinctive layers of flavor in our PRIMO Olio Nuovo which also appear in Theo's favorite Certified Organic FARGA: lush, dense green olive, a mid-tone of fruit and then a rush of pepper and herbs, courtesy of the terroir of our famous olive grove. 


Drizzle: This one is a drizzler to be savored


  • 250ml bottle
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