Quarterly Caliterranean Club,  Ship it to Me

Quarterly Caliterranean Club, Ship it to Me

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There's almost nothing better than getting a box of edibles delivered to your door. Each season, Theo chooses the showiest and tastiest harvested from her own groves and from select producers on the Central Coast of California. 

Sure you can buy your olive oils at the specialty supermarket or grocery store. But those oils have been in transit: on trucks, in warehouses and on shelves for many months, if not dozens of months. And extra-virgin olive oil is a little like Beaujolais Nouveau. Best enjoyed young: freshly bottled!    

Think of our club like a CSA. But we've already processed the olives as well as the California fruits, making extra virgin olive oils and natural fruit-infused vinegars like no other.

Theo Stephan is the woman behind the bottle, tending to her groves on the Central Coast in Santa Barbara County for the past 10 years. 

Included in quarterly shipments: A bottle of EVOO, first cold pressing; a bottle of GG's signature fruit vinegar (different fruit used in different seasons); and a Theo-made pantry item, like a pomegranate glaze or chipotle mustard.

We ship on Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1 and Nov. 1. Credit cards are charged on the 21st of the month prior. 

Makes a great gift! Select that choice from the drop-down menu and we will bill you for the shipments and shipping & handling. You will receive a $10 gift certificate.  


Members receive

Free shipping on all purchases over $50 (excluding shipping charges on the club)

20% off in-store food items

10% off at the Caliterranean café

10% off non-food purchases made in the store

Invitations to special events and cooking classes, Plus 10% off these events

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