HOW TO ROAST the PERFECT Turkey OR Chicken

Here's Theo's big secret. Pile your hand with a mound of fine sea salt--about 2 TBSP for a chicken, 6 TBSP for a turkey. Rub the INSIDE of the poultry cavity with the salt. Poultry cooks from the inside out. If you're not using stuffing, insert a few cloves of garlic, sprigs of herbs--rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage. Loosen the breast skin by gently tearing the binding tissue. Rub buttery or fruity EVOO and Global Gardens Greek, Italian, Garden or Farm Stand Flavor Rub all over the breast, reaching down into the thigh cavity as possible. Pat the top with any residuals from your hands; but don't add EVOO or spices to the outside as they will burn. (A little bit is OK) Roast at 350 for 1.25 hours (chicken) or until breast meat is 165 with an instant meat thermometer. 

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