Koroneiki EVOO from Crete

Koroneiki EVOO from Crete

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While many of our oils are pressed from California olives, Theo is so blown away by this one that she insists on importing it. A tasting room favorite, this lush, aromatic oil is the stuff that helps make aging ageless! Grown in the Kolymvari region on the island of Crete, this olive oil is prized for its super high polyphenol content. Theo uses it on her skin twice a day! (we sell it in two sizes and in some of our Beauty/Spa gift sets too)

The Koroneiki is considered the queen of olives because it's been widely grown throughout Crete (and now even Theo's olive groves at her Los Olivos Farm Stand--see our "Backyard Oil"!) for thousands of years.


Because of it's aromatic flavor, we like it best as a finishing and dipping oil. But Theo uses it to make amazing French toast, fry eggs and for all things lush and lively.

A great skin moisturizer & make-up remover. For a perfect shave every time, guys and gals love it.


  • 750ml bottle, celebrating our Greek heritage & where we learned to make olive oil!
  • Extra-virgin olive oil, first cold pressing
  • This olive oil one of the highest in polyphenols


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