Why Us

Start with quality basic ingredients and your kitchen will be a healthier, tastier place. That's what Theo Stephan, owner of Global Gardens, has been promoting since she began pressing her olives and making her natural fruit vinegars 15 years ago. 

But Global Gardens is about more than that. It's about sharing recipes, tips and knowledge about EVOO--they always beat out butter in flavor--and balsamic vinegars, an essential cooking ingredient that few people have experimented with. Vinegars are a great substitute for butter, too. Why add more fats to poultry and beef? Cook it in a natural fruit vinegar and you'll cutback on calories.   

Our EVOOs and natural-fruit vinegars have been cited for their quality and flavors in Bon Appetit, Los Angeles Times, Sunset Magazine, the Santa Barbara Independent, Wine Enthusiast and on Oprah's blog. Plus many more. We are currently building our press section. 

In 2011, Theo wrote the definitive book on vinegars and EVOOs. She continues to educate people in her store in Los Alamos in Santa Barbara County and at her Caliterranean Cafe. She would love to connect with you, too, and answer any questions you might have. 


About our bottles 

We carry many different bottles and sizes and you might wonder why we don't keep it more uniform. We choose bottles by quality. Most are imported from Italy and, while we wouldn't recommend trying this at home, they have withstood a fall in the tasting room in our Global Gardens store in Los Alamos. But what we like most about our bottles is that they can be re-used. You can make your own fruit vinegars or use the bottles as a flower vase. 

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