Why Global Gardens

Start with REAL ingredients and your kitchen will be a tastier, healthier place. That's what we have been promoting since we began pressing olives and making California wine and fruit balsamic vinegars in 1998. Did you know about 70% of olive oils at your grocery store are old (aka rancid) or cut with other oils?

Global Gardens is all about the experience of fresh, current harvest, Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO). We share tips and knowledge about real EVOO. Did you know EVOO always enhances flavor and the way your body metabolizes? Also, REAL EVOO has a smoke point of almost 400 degrees...so you can cook and even fry with it!  It's Whole 30 AND keto friendly. Our sugar-free balsamic vinegars are an essential cooking and cocktail ingredient everyone loves (even the kiddos). Vinegars are a great substitute for butter, too. (Why add more fats to poultry and beef?) Cook in a natural fruit vinegar and you'll cut back on calories, creating a natural yummy sauce that will surprise you and your taste buds. 

Our EVOOs and natural-fruit vinegars have been cited for their quality and flavors, featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Travel & Leisure, Bon Appetit, The Los Angeles Times, Sunset Magazine, the Santa Barbara Independent, Wine Enthusiast, Martha Stewart's blog, Oprah's blog, AAA Westways, Food and Wine...Plus many more.