BEST Cocktail & Cooking Kit on the Planet

BEST Cocktail & Cooking Kit on the Planet

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With these three Theo-friendly golden balsamic favorites, experiment with the wonders of vinegars. Cocktail AND cooking recipes right on the labels!! Clubbies party on & save lots more! PLEASE NOTE: This trio might change during seasonal harvests. 


Use in place of butter and other fats.

Replace the oil in a wok with a vinegar; as the vinegar boils it will become a demi-glaze, blanketing your meat, seafood, tofu, veggies, etc; get it boiling first for foods that cook quickly!

Reduce and drizzle on desserts or vegetables. Just boil for a few minutes per cup. When it gets all foamy on top, it's finished! Don't over-cook or you'll make vinegar candy--you can always heat it back up to reduce it more...but you can't thin it out once it's too thick. 

Use for easy glazes and marinades. EVERY BALSAMIC in our collection has RECIPES RIGHT ON THE BOTTLE!! (Cocktail recipes too!) Cooking is chemistry, adding acidity does wonders--just like lemon is to broccoli & lime is to papaya...try these and you'll never go back to boring cooking again, promise! 


  • 1 each 375ml Strawberry, 375ml Apricot and 250ml Black Currant Vinegar
  • No added sugars, no added flavorings, no fat. Ever
  • California sourced fruit, California made
  • The Dark Trio contains three btls: 750ml Fig, 375ml Berry Cranberry, 375ml Blood Orange 
  • See more: Vinegar

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