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Lisbon Lemon Infused Olive Oil

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In limited supply! Made from Lisbon Lemon (those big fat pithy lemons containing a lot of citrus oil) rinds, his wonderfully lemony oil bursts with fresh flavor. Infused into our fruity California Estate Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil--you will love to sauté, bake, grill, drizzle and dazzle your taste buds. Fresh and zesty with the perfect balance. Theo especially likes this for seafood, shortbread, cheese cake crusts and dipping with our Fig Balsamic. 


Perfect for lemon chicken, stir-fry, desserts, salad dressings, roasting or grilling fish or veggies. Just add crunchy sea salt.


    • Extra-virgin olive oil, first cold pressing
    • 375 ml & limited amount of 750ml supersize available
    • Varietal: Arbequina with Lisbon Lemon infusion

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