Rare Gems Trio

Rare Gems Trio

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Do you know someone who loves the best of everything...someone who enjoys taking trips to track down the best truffles on the Italian countryside? Then THIS is the EVOO gift for him or her! Global Gardens is one of a small handful of growers in the USA who takes their Extra Virgins seriously enough to bottle a PRIMO EVOO for our customers. This year, we had a very small yield, so it's in a Chef drizzle 250ml size. Our highly prized Backyard Koroneiki EVOO is also a rarity--go ahead and try to find a Koroneiki EVOO tasting like ours! If you opt for the TRIO, we'll add a 375ml bottle of our local, organically grown 100% Leccino KISS MY GRASS varietal. There's only one grove in the region that produces EVOO with this specific, Wild, grassy terroir...and this is it! 

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