DARK Balsamic Trio Vinegar-anza!

DARK Balsamic Trio Vinegar-anza!

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Cocktails & Cooking with Balsamics!

Easy recipes right on the labels! With these three favorites of Theo's, experiment with the wonders of vinegars. If these vinegars were in high school, they'd be voted Best-In-Class AND Most-Likely-To-Succeed. Check out their versatility in our Cooking Tips tab. 


Use in place of butter and other fats.

Replace the oil in a wok with a vinegar; as the vinegar boils it will become a demi-glaze, blanketing your meat, seafood, tofu, veggies, etc; get it boiling first for foods that cook quickly!

Reduce and drizzle on desserts or vegetables. Just boil for a few minutes per cup. When it gets all foamy on top, it's finished! Don't over-cook or you'll make vinegar candy--you can always heat it back up to reduce it more...but you can't thin it out once it's too thick. 

Use for easy glazes and marinades.


  • Dark Balsamics from Global Gardens originate as Cabernet/Merlot wine blends
  • No added sugars, no added flavorings, no fat. Ever
  • California sourced fruit, California made, zero alcohol content
  • This ever popular trio contains three btls: 1 large 750ml Fig, and 1 each 375ml Berry Cranberry, and Blood Orange Dark Balsamic Vinegars

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