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KALAMATA 1-Liter Best Every Day EVOO!

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Wow. Talk about a mild, yet full-on fruity EVOO that will do some bouzouki dancing for you. Theo tastes hundreds of oils in Greece every year but once she sampled this one, she had to share it with you. From a private family property in the Kalamata region of Greece, we also get our imported Greek olives from the same place. A fantastic value in a liter-sized bottle. NEW FEATURE this year: Attached inside the bottle when you pour the oil is an inner ring oil-saver bottle pour--built right in! Innovative and useful so you don't waste any of this precious Grecian delight. New label (for those of you who use this oil frequently!), same great EVOO & best value. 


Scramble eggs, grill sandwiches, bake and use this oil every day in every way.    

It's also the #1 EVOO for Theo's pie crust and olive oil ice cream. 


    • Extra-virgin olive oil, first cold pressing
    • 1 liter

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