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California Estate "Backyard" EVOO 100% Koroneiki

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Theo imported 500 Koroneiki trees directly from Crete and was the first commercial grower of this varietal in the USA. Lush, fruity beginnings are quickly followed by a gentle uprising of sage on your palate, echoing the terroir of regional groves. Tiny olive fruit, big seed, beautiful oil. This is a must-have connoisseur bottle of EVOO at its finest!  Compare the CA Koroneiki to the actual Greek imported Koroneiki. Buy them both and taste the difference of the terroir; incomparable! It's like tasting Pinot Noir from Washington state and then tasting it from our region. Two amazing flavors, but totally different finishes. Fascinating!

  • 375 ml bottle

  • 750 ml bottle
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