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Roasted Walnut Oil

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Walnut groves thrive in the Central Valley of California, and the nuts are of the highest quality. These walnuts, roasted using a traditional French method, amp up the flavors for a delicious replacement to butter. You get 100% of your Omega 3's with one TBSP of this special oil--it takes about 50 lbs to make just one gallon. We even use it in our coffee—great way to start your day with real “smart food” from California!


Our walnut oil has the same smoke point as extra virgin olive oil (almost 400 degrees) you can use it to sauté, fry, drizzle and delight yourself in one of mother earth's most precious "smart food" oils.

Try it drizzled on oatmeal or toast instead of butter & OMG over popcorn! ANYTHING you'd do with butter, use our highly prized walnut oil instead. Your body will thank you. 


  • High in Omega-3s (one TBSP is your daily requirement) 
  • 375ml bottle
  • Refrigeration suggested
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