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Olio Nuovo 25th Anniversary LIMITED EDITION

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Fresh, green, wild, unfiltered and wonderful. Higher in polyphenols than your typical EVOO and a 400° smoke point, allowing you to fry, sauté, grill, bake, you name it! We drink this unfiltered gem daily for vitality and in honor of the Caliterranean life! Delivers with Theo's personal Olive Sommelier Tasting Notes in a gorgeous, reusable gifty glass bottle, you'll want to save and use again and again. Hand harvested personally by Theo & 40 hard-working crew. Milled by master miller Yves shown here with Theo at the mill he designed and built.

We usually have Olio Nuovo in-store only~but this year, we're sharing it online with olive you because we OLIVE YOU! Sharing the fruits of our labor during our 25th ANNIVERSARY YEAR has never felt so wonderful. This is truly labor of olive as costs for harvesting and creating this artisanal, one-of-a-kind EVOO are astronomical. Harvested and milled November 28 & 29, bottles November 30!

Thank you all for supporting our small family business. This EVOO is worth everything, priceless.

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