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Olio Nuovo Family Favorite Gift Set

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As seen on @cookingforlevi ~  adorable, popular instagram collaborators and young friends in NY. Follow them if you’re not already!

When you gotta’ dip, this trio is for you! Fruit forward all the way with 2023, green and vibrant 375ml Olio Nuovo Ectra Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Pressing, organically grown and hand harvested, matched up with California Raspberry Golden Balsamic & a 4oz pouch of Holiday Hug Rub. All you need is bread! Our formula for  perfect dipping is 2:1 olive oil to vinegar and a generous pinch of Hug Rub…so, for example, 2T oil, 1T balsamic to 1/4 tsp Hug Rub. This trio makes a superb marinade for holiday pork roasts, long beans, squash or sweet potato salads…you get the idea now! Let us know how your family likes to trio!  

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