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Olive Oil Sommelier Tasting Glass

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Hand blown Italian cobalt blue professional taster’s glass. 
This is an official glass used during olive oil sommelier tasting classes and tests.

1) Pour 1/2-1 oz EVOO into glass 2) Cup the glass into the palm of one hand turning it so the olive oil inside warms to the same temp as your hand, about 30 seconds. 3) Insert your nose as deeply as you can into the glass to take a nice long smell 4) Record what you smell 5) Now taste the entire amount and as you swallow, smile with your teeth clenched and breathe in. This action allows the oil to spray into the back of your throat. 😁6) Discern the fruitiness, robustness, peppery qualities and whether or not your olive oil is fresh, on the turn, or rancid! 

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