Raspberry Golden Balsamic Vinegar

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Yes, raspberry! Use this vinegar by itself in place of lemon on steamed veggies, fruit salads and marinades for pork or chicken. Makes the BEST ceviche if you're so inclined, adorning with fresh berries. (Check out the Scallops ceviche in Theo's Olive Oil & Vinegar For Life cookbook--pink on the outside, white on the inside)...we never use fake colors OR fake flavors in anything we make. We don't use sugar either! REAL FRUIT and a Chardonnay Balsamic that has all the alcohol cooked away, aged in oak for a year and THEN infused with fruit...you can taste the realness! (PS: Add a TBSP to your favorite vodka with some chopped mint and crushed ice). C'mon, fresh raspberries, right??


750ml Supersize Bottle Only

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