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Amazing Almonds

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC CALIFORNIA ALMONDS roasted in our Greek EVOO with Greek Spice Blend--CAUTION: Addictive! 


Farm fresh and (sorry!) totally addictive, our California Certified Organic Farmer takes great care to produce the largest, most delicious almonds. He keeps them fresh for us at the perfect temperature and ships them to us so we can roast them up in small batches. Our Greek Spice Blend makes them soooooo amazing. We promise ourselves we're not going to take them in the car and then…well, the steering wheel does get a little gunky! Almonds are getting rare with the drought; our farmer is super careful to hydrozone and we're sorry to have raised our prices a little bit; but we promise they're super fresh & worth it! The bigger jar you buy, the more you'll save. Small 9 oz jar available in several gift sets.

NOW in 3 Delicious Sizes!!!


Straight out of the jar for a perfect Santa Barbara wine country snack, crumbled over pasta or rice, along with some wilted arugula and freshly grated kasseri cheese makes a Greeky kind of 10-minute healthy, vegetarian meal. How’s that for fast food?

Cheesy almond appetizer: Toss almonds with any one of our golden balsamic fruit-infused vinegars. Add a shredded parmesan. Melt in just a few seconds under broiler set on low. Serve and love!


  • 9-oz jar, 12-oz jar, 2-lb jar
  • Ingredients: Organic, California almonds, EVOO, Greek herbs, Greek spices, sea salt

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