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Dream Dust

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This jar is the United Nations of blends, with premium ingredients from four different countries. Tasty in cappuccinos (& any hot drinks), smoothies, Greek yogurt, whipping cream, great replacement for 5-spice blend or cinnamon while baking, oven roasting squash and pumpkin pie spice too! CHANGE YOUR LIFE with this awesome Dream Dust! We just hope we can keep making this customer favorite. REAL Madagascar vanilla is irreplaceable and getting sooo dang pricey!

No sugar!


This dust is the foundation for terrific smoothies, protein shakes, cappuccinos, chai teas, oatmeal and desserts. 

Dream Dust can replace dry ingredients in cookie and cake recipes. And guess what? We use REAL Madagascar vanilla, REAL Indian cardamon and REAL Vietnamese Ceylon...see a trend? No cheap/fake spices here like those at your discount retailers that are often cut with SAWDUST!! (true!) Kind of pricey, yes, but you only need a little bit! Super concentrated and worth every taste bud tingle. 

Kids love it sprinkled on ice cream or as a hot chocolate drink. And guess what? It's good for them.


  • 5 oz. jar
  • Ingredients: 100% cacao, 100% pure Madagascar vanilla beans, Indian cardamon, nutmeg, clove, Vietnamese Ceylon cinnamon

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