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The NO SUBSCRIPTION Subscription Pay For A Year Get FREE Liter EVOO

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Global Gardens was the first olive oil producer in Santa Barbara wine country in 1998, the first olive oil Club offering a trio of family-recipe products in 2001, offering big discounts with fun Club perks. But then came Amazon and subscriptions for EVERYTHING--even toothpaste! We know what a drag it is to try to keep up with all these emails and necessary subscription communication, so we're making it easy. We're including shipping and sending you, every 3 months, beginning as soon as you join, a trio of our best organically grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil (375ml bottle), an in-season Balsamic Fruit Vinegar (375ml) and one family-recipe Culinary Item. You'll get an email before it goes out to see if you want to add anything to your box. During your membership period, you'll get 20% off our ENTIRE Website, (25% off during the holidays) and FREE SHIPPING throughout the lifetime of your membership on any additional items. Shipping right now is the trio shown here: one 375ml bottle Gold Standard EVOO, one 375ml bottle Apricot Golden Balsamic & a 9 oz jar of our signature Kalamata Olives drenched in a perfect marinade you can also use as a salad dressing. 

ADDED BONUS FOR JOINING: one-liter bottle of Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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